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Thursday, January 12, 2012

497: A poem (epic) about bananas

Banana banana
Banana banana banana

I haven't worked out this poem yet
but there's a bit at the start
where I introduce the subject matter

It then progresses,
(the poem I mean, not the banana)
on a path of its own
encapsulating life, the wider world,
the non-banana world,
but all along anchored
by the humble banana

And so, as I said,
it started subtly
The poem not the banana

But bananas too also start
from humble beginnings,
they grow on plants
long cultivated by humans

The seeds they contain
are residual at best,
I've never known anyone complain
of a banana seed 'tween their teeth

Their name means 'finger'
in Arabic, or so I'm told
by Wikipedia

In other media,
QI to be precise,
I learn the banana plant can 'walk'
of its own accord

The truth of this I cannot confirm
It might be true,
it might not;
How would I know?

Others know and have known
more on the subject of bananas
than I would ever want to know

I'm sure its fascinating
For botanists and their lucky spouses,
but honestly
I'll always be biased 'cause

for Chiquita, Del Monte, Dole and Fyffes
I can't stand the stuff

The white mush
which looks so good
yet smells so bad

sits securely inside
the yellow skin,
pleasing to the eye

the illusion of design

Every year or so
I'll give them a try.
One's taste buds change
and develop over time.

Aged seventeen I couldn't finish
a pint of Guinness
but now I could, and do
with relish,
now pour me another

So one day maybe,
just maybe,
I'll taste a banana and love it

Until that day,
I'll retain suspicion
maintain inhibition
disdain their incompatibility with my otherwise adventurous constitution

I feel the same way too
about poetry
I think

It seems tenacious
and perhaps that's a sign
that people prefer their lives

to contain occasional bananas
and occasional poems

Despite my proclamations
to love this or hate that
Secretly I am loathe to make judgement

Until further evidence is presented.
I could be right,
or it might all be a matter of opinion

fluid, elastic, subjective opinion.
Liable to change
at any time.

If ever bananas develop a taste
pleasing to my buds,
or conversely those taste buds

change to accommodate the banana
I'm sure I'll mention it
In a blog or something.

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