... but I stopped. Now I'm a dad, and may blog again...


'I blog every day' is a personal blog where I can write about the various things that interest, excite or annoy me. Essentially this blog is a personal writing exercise where I can practice, experiment and keep myself writing as much as possible.

It began as a way to get myself out of the self-imposed rut of writer's block, prompted and inspired by Richard Herring's daily blog Warming Up. Now I believe I have banished writer's block, and confined it to the bin of unacceptable excuses. This blog continues as an important part of my life.

I am not an expert on anything in particular, and my degree is a pointless humanities one (in Art and Creative Writing) in which I was fed the popular falsehood that everything is relative; truth is subjective; science is just another opinion; blah. Thankfully I was able to see through this nonsense, and since graduating my interests have moved over to science, scepticism, and secularism. While I am still very much into art, I am frequently frustrated by the pretensions and pseudo-scientific post-modern academia that surrounds it.

I would advise it is a bad idea to use this blog as any source of inarguable wisdom; it's not. There is a lot of opinion, conjecture, silliness and stupidity amongst the occasional search for truth. Always be sceptical; use your brain, be aware of your faults, be aware of the power of scientific method and rationalism for extracting fact from prejudice.

Sometimes I will write articles, sometimes I will write crap, sometimes diary-like entries, sometimes I'm just writing for the sake of writing. Despite the name, I blog every day, I will not always blog every day, although I will do my best to catch up when I can.

Standard disclaimers apply.