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Monday, January 16, 2012

500: Boohoo, it's Blue Monday :)

Full belly, couple of beers, couple of episodes of 24, warm room, chips and gravy, and all shared with the one who will be my wife in less than five months time. You know, I doubt life gets much better than this. Of course, I'm now winding her up by blasting out the free jazz saxophone sqwarks of Evan Parker, and the mid-80s complexities of Frank Zappa's bizarro rock compositions. But as far as I'm concerned this keeps us well within the confines of life doesn't get better than this. Appart from it being a Monday of course... but there will always be Mondays. I guess we'd all just better learn to live with them. Or we could rename it Sunday-II and make it another day of fishing, swimming, cycling, snorkling, belly-dancing, stamp collecting, or whatever it is decent normal people are supposed to do on a Sunday.

Figure that out without me, and get back to me as soon as possible. In the meantime I'll just be over hear readin The Horror in the Museum by H.P. Lovecraft and then doing a sleep. Yeah, this is one of those blog posts that starts of with a limp fart and goes down hill from there on in, mixed metaphors and everything. Don't be disappointed; you shouldn't be expecting more than that in the first place. It's your own fault.

So what was this thing we were saying about Mondays? Today is Blue Monday; the day in which we celebrate bullshit PR being confused with science by people who regurgitate stuff they haven't heard properly and add the word 'apparantly'. Yes, Blue Monday. Supposedly science has discovered that the third Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year. Apparantly, according to who, I have no idea. It's just one of those bullshit ideas that floats around, you know, like ghosts or daddy-long-legs being the world's most venomous animal but not having the teeth to administer their venom. Actually it's not a real story, it's not true, it's just a regular way for newspapers to fill up a bit of paper with yet another piece of misinformation about the meaning and purpose of science. It also allows them to portray a serious mental illness as being a temporary slight which can be shrugged off with a few days of fruit juice and exercise.

And besides, I've had a great day, and a great weekend before that. Thanks wife!

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