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Thursday, January 19, 2012

502: Evidence for my stupidity

"You have to be brave to take out that white sheet of paper and put on it words that could be evidence of your stupidity."

Here it is ; as I listen to a man fwapping a guitar, with intent or distraction I cannot tell, and attempt to process the fact that Nina killed Jack's wife in episode 24 (of 24) of series one of 24, now I have the worry of being made to look stupid by the sound symbols I place carefully hither and thither on this white sheet of paper. It's not real paper, you know. It's just a picture, an image of paper constructed in the mind of a child; a dream of paper in the pocket of a hobbled dinosaur sinking slowly to the hot tap end of the sink; a fantasy of paper plopped in the lap of an orthodontist with too much time and not enough numbing agent.

Here it is ; an attempt at bravery. Not that rescuing cats from burning houses and young families from trees kind of bravery ; not that twice saving the life of Senator Palmer kind of bravery. Not that, no. This is the bravery of a man with a blank piece of paper, nothing to say, and the stubborn unembarrassed idiocy required to persevere long enough to put a bit of black stain on a white piece of paper. This is what writers do, so the creator of TV series Bewitched, who died at 100 and raked in piles of royalty money despite only writing the pilot episode. If that isn't something to aspire to emulate I don't know what is; honestly and genuinely, I mean that.

Here it is ; the evidence of my stupidity. Evidence for my stupidity. Of/for? Is one American English usage, the other British? I just don't know. Circumstantial? Here it is ; stupidity, stubipity, swibbibbity, spop-bobbity spobbity spob, spab-pipippy popippipy prap. I proscribe sleep for symptoms such as this, and I prosecute to the fullest extent of the law for impersonating a doctor, a writer, a drama teacher, a womble, a street cleaner, an foolscap scraper, a hay baler, a cow catcher.

Here it is ; evidence if evidence is evidence is evidence were needed. 'tweren't

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