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Thursday, January 12, 2012

496: Headache day, and unrelated banana mention

I woke up this morning with a serious severe painful pain in my face, above the brow, penetrating back into my head, with the feeling its shattered my skull, like a stiletto, and is busy making immoral merry with the grey gunge of my synapses. I didn't want to, but I called in sick for work; a rare happening. Unfortunately all that could be done was drink water, take paracetamol and try to sleep through the worst of the headache. I tried to wake up, but it hurt. Waking up. Waking up hurt. I've had better days.

Recent developments have allowed me to bare staring at the computer screen for a few bloggy moments. So here I am, back again, desperately trying to eek out a word count, by clumsily forcing sentences together using words that don't fit, and attempts at jokes I don't even get. I've slept all day and, when occasionally awake, struggled to look at a book, struggled to listen to some music quietly.

I've been toying with the idea of experimenting with endurance by just writing blog posts about bananas for as long as I possibly can. If, as I intend, I'm going to write this blog for the rest of my life, it might be necessary to attempt such seemingly pointless tasks. I find the thinking behind that difficult to explain at this moment, but be gladdened and encouraged by the thought that I'll probably get around to it sometime in the next fifty years. Until that happens, its bananas all the way down.

Tune in tomorrow for the exciting continuation of my arbitrary obsession with the annoying and ever present banana (headache permitting): same banana blog, same banana url. It's bat time, bat channel. I was doing a play on that, you know, from Batman. The TV series from the 1960s. It wasn't very obvious, and it didn't really work. So I explained what I was doing to avoid confusion. I hope that's cleared that up.

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