... but I stopped. Now I'm a dad, and may blog again...

Best of Blog

Click the links below to gain exclusive access to some of my favourite blog posts from I Blog Every Day over the past and coming years:

Short Stories
John Sculptures (or, blankpages magazine external link, flick to page 19)
Moore and Murphy (or, blankpages magazine external link, flick to page 24)
My Band (excerpt)
The Architecture Party (or, Paragraph Planet external link, select 'may 30th')

"Amusing" Bits
Primula Burger Cheese
(Praise for 'Primula Burger Cheese':
"Brilliant" - Dr. Syntax
"Genuine lol. I loved Primula when I was little.
I like it even more now I've read this!" - Bobby Esmond)

No.1: Paint (Introduction) (blankpages magazine, external link)


Foreign Lands

I'll keep adding good posts from the olden days if and when I happen across them.  Good night.