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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

508: iBlogEveryDay Big Cartel shop

Big Cartel is a simple, easy to use, thing. It's a thing for artists to sell the artists' things wot they make with their artistic natures. I make bits of things sometimes, and pile them up in boxes and corners and under beds. You -if you are using it, which you might well, especially if you are an artist with art to sell- can create a page to sell your stuff, art, and the checkout uses PayPal. I discovered it through Cardboard Kid's very own Cardboard Kid Big Cartel shop. Now there is a very own, very own I Blog Every Day Big Cartel shop HERE. It's really nice; it's a way of life.

Two affordable pieces are currently available. Choose life; choose to read on slightly to do a look at these things. Forgive my nonsense words; I am tired and unwell and happily allowing any old rubbish to come out onto the typewriter:

A glossy postcard of my signature "Octus" octopus drawing. The back of the postcard features a painting of a crow sticking its beak in a deer's ear. It's a classic/it's not totally crap. 
So, here is the story: I used to run around with an SLR, before the days of digital, and this habit left me with a LOT of poorly-framed, blurry, and failed photos. Being pre-digital I had no choice but to get these developed.

For your money you get two photographs randomly pulled from the box file currently propping up my desk leg. On the back of each photo I will do a drawing of your choice (illustrated here with a picture of a typewriter and another of a hot dog), and post them lovingly in an envelope with a sort-of pattern thing hand drawn on it. All together this is quite a nice, personalised piece of art.

Series of 400, each individually hand numbered, with my hand (like, I've written the number on each one, and cos each "one" contains two pictures I've labelled them, like, 1a/400, 1b/400, 2a/400, 2b/400 etcetera, etc, &c).

When ordering be sure to include a brief note (in PayPal checkout) stating what drawings you would like, otherwise I'll select something randomishly. Here are some ideas: a pig and a duckling, Harry Potter and clown, forceps and fireplace, headache and horseplay, munchkin and mooning, wedding cake and wheelbarrow, etcetera, etc, &c.

Hope that's clear.

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