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Monday, January 02, 2012

489: ...and never brought to mind...

Oi, 'ow do? 'Ere, goin' well I 'ope. Etcetera, etc, &c.

This isn't a proper blog post; this isn't even the one in which I wish the world a happy new year. This is the blog post I write in the advert break of Terminator 2: Judgement Day, after a day spent making a huge, complex and delicious roast dinner for my family, drinking a decent healthy amount, and relaxing more than I deserve. Incidentally Terminator 2 is possibly the best film ever made for many different reasons; I'll talk you through this at a later post, and I will include a quote from Stephen Fry discussing the music of Abba to illustrate my case. True story.

So, it's the new year -2012- and this is the first post of the new year -2012- but this is not the post in which I officially grant a Happy New Year to the world at large. 2012. It's 2012. Let me get you up to date, with regards to my small world. Last year was 2011: I spent the whole year engaged, having proposed on Christmas Day 2010; I got a minimum wage day job at a high street retailer, and against all expectations I really like working there; I set myself two strict deadlines with regards to my partially-written novel, and failed to meet both of them (including failing National Novel Writing Month), however I did manage to break a bit of ground (plenty more work to do in 2012 however); I, with my fiancee, moved into a smaller, cheaper, damper flat, with an old friend, and as a result have been able to save a little to pay towards the wedding; read more, and written more, than ever in my life, and started to see the coalescing kernel of a serious attitude towards writing, and the hope of wee bit of a career in some form of future.

Next, I mean this, year -2012- is a year for finishing novels, getting married, looking at houses, continuing being the best uncle ever (today my four-year old niece said "Kevin, you're the best" when I said I would help her read a phonics book about Top Cat and Kit Cat), seriously considering the possibility of becoming a dad in 2013, working hard in my day job, and harder in my drive to be a professional author/writer.

Immediate ambition is to go to bed. Night night and happy new year.

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