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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

507: sigh

You know how they used to use an 'f' in place of an 's' for some reason in old printed books, e.g. 'fcience' etc. Well, they did. I'm watching Botany: A Blooming History on BBC4, through an unpleasant fug of cold with just the slightest hint of flu symptoms, and have just been delighted by an archaic spelling of 'honeysuckle'... can you guess how they spelt it? That's right, 'honeyfuckle', ha ha, honeyfuckle, oh my days! Oh, dear; forgive me Miller and Linnaeus (fight, fight, fight).

Linnaeus gave us the binomial system for classifying life, for which we should all be eternally grateful. Someone else gave me the common cold, or some measly weaselly flu-like thing, for which I will be annoyed and pathetic for the next couple of days. I've already been accused of having man-flu, by 'my' woman, through the medium of tweeting (on twitter), and I've had enough. How much snot must a man produce, before you will call it just flu, and not man-flu? Can't remember what any of this had to do with Linnaeus.

I know it's a real nasty piece of cold because I need to keep a carrier bag near by to collect all the used tissues, and I have spent more time in bed than I have since my student days. And after writing one sentence I can't think what to say next. So, erm. Forget it. Sorry to waste your time. Here are some pictures:

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