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Saturday, December 31, 2011

488: sleep and conquer

I (yes, this is about me;no, I'm not bothered if you wander off) got the laptop out, turned it on, checked my usual online spaces, getting readied for a wee blog post, then at the very last second, instead of opening a new word document, I opened Civilization IV instead. Here's where we are: The year is 1984 (read no significance into that), and I am Kevilgamesh, Eternal Leader of the mighty Sumerians. 

I control almost 50% of landmass having hundreds of years ago conquered the Zulu lands, and recently having overrun all of the Chinese cities on my continent, leaving them only a single city on a tiny island, forcing them into capitulation. They now wallow as an unwilling vassal to my malevolent benevolent warmongering liberal dictatorship. I also liberated many cities from the Byzantine Empire, and have recently declared unstable paper-thin peace. I control the UN and am just about to finish the Manhattan and Apollo Projects. True story.

Then it occurred to me that there are two or three more important things I could be doing. The first is blogging, the second is reading, and the third is sleeping. None of these sound like pressing matters for the Invincible King of Sumeria, Conqueror of Worlds, Master of Technology, Great General, King of Scotland, MA, BSc, MD, etc. But I'm not him, I'm the bespectacled chap whose mum bought him a "book worm" t-shirt for Christmas, that's me.

It's 2003 now, and I've just expanded lebensraum into Byzantine lands...

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