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Monday, May 14, 2012

594: Party In Your Eye-Socket poetry/prose anthology

Here's a little book. A zine. "An independently run poetry and prose anthology." It's rather a nice object, and arrived in the post beautifully sealed in brown paper and string, accompanied by a badge and a sticker ... or it may just be a piece of paper; I didn't check and it's in the other room. (Edit: I've checked: it is a sticker.) This isn't an academic essay; my research is casual to non-existent. It's also not a review, either. I just wanted to put this out there as a nice place to submit your flash fiction and poetry to. I submitted something to this, the first issue of Party In Your Eye-Socket; it didn't get in, but hey-ho, never mind about that.

So, if you're a poet, or like me prefer short stories, send them into these guys in advance of issue two. And, you know, buy issue one obviously. We're all in this together, trying to get things in print so people can hold them and read them, so when a couple of little guys get it together to make something, it helps to part with a few quid for it. Not everything is free. It's an anthology, so it's not all good (I don't want to name names but I have read at least one terrible story in it), but it is good; good variety, good design, a good little package. I enjoy using words like good and nice; much more powerful than constantly overusing words like genius or awesome.

I'm rambling. Being doing that a lot recently.

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