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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

590: Two Pictures

A mouse autopsy, yesterday.

This picture of an eukaryotic cell is a mouse. It isn't a mouse, but it looks just like one pinned to the autopsy bench with its viscera splayed open for all to see. Eukaryotes are multi-celled life forms including plants, fungi and animals, and some single celled things from other lesser known kingdoms. Fascinating, no doubt, but beyond my current ken, and momentarily I'm more interested in this particular one looking like a mouse. Ooh, isn't it cute, yes it is.

This picture of a guinea pig is someone's dinner. It isn't a pet; it is an animal domesticated and farmed to feed hungry humans, especially those living in or visiting Peru. Sipping hot cocaine tea and tucking into a crispy roast rodent before tottering off to Machu Picchu to admire the stonework. Looks delicious. I'm off to bed to dream of eating furry little squeakers.  Ooh, isn't it cute, yes it is.

A guinea pig delicacy, yesterday.

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