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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

598: Saturday past

A laptop is portable. This may seem like a very obvious statement, but until recently I had no option but to use my laptop plugged in. The battery on the old dusty thing was useless, holding absolutely no charge due to being kept plugged in for the best part of three years. I am an idiot. Now, thanks to my lovely wife, I have the option to use this brand spanked hot-shit new gleaming piece of laptop whenever and whenever I want. Right now I'm in an airport bar, sat beside a TV spouting loud gibberish also known as MTV, drinking tea because the coffee machine is turned off and I have already drank enough alcohol this week to drown a shark. We are heading back to real life; our wedding was five days ago, our three-night minibreak is a memory, and we both have work on Monday. The happiest week of my life is too-quickly ending with a sad letdown. Get over it, saddo; pull yourself together. That's good advice, me, I think I will.

In this past week I have had many new experiences, each one worthy of writing/boasting about. Hopefully there will be enough to fill the 5-7 posts I need to get through in order to catch up. Briefly, this week, I have committed myself for life to one woman, who also happens to be my best friend; been to a spa where I had an aromatherapy massage and went in a jacuzzi, steam room and sauna; stayed in a hotel swanky enough to have a mini-bar, Lucian Freud paintings, and where I had the power to say "charge it to my room". What an amazing power; I didn't see any money for the duration of our stay.

....time...... time. ......time
time...... time....... time.....

I wrote those first two sentences on Saturday night at Belfast International Airport. Wow. Fascinating. It's now Wednesday, and after being ill for three days I am now back at work. Work day finished. Tired. Must write.

....hmmm.... Now I'm not sick anymore, I wonder if that digestive tract of mine is ready for that Connemara Peated Single Malt whiskey I got in Donegal? .....hmmm... I wonder.....

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