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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

595: Two-year old jokes

There is a two year old boy in the house to remind me that making fart noises with your mouth is fun, and gets funnier and funnier with each raspberry. So do unexpected squeals that pierce the eardrum, but convey no useful information neither of literal meaning nor emotional state. Pulling your slippers off and throwing them behind the sofa with a mischievous grin on your face? Also hilarious.

Climbing on the little side table, in your tiny silly shoes no less, to reach up and turn of the big light. For no reason. Also hilarious. Screaming at the washing machine door, then turning around giggling at the wall, falling over, crawling towards a toy, throwing the toy out of your reach, then looking sad and pleading as if the toy escaped by itself. Yep, that's hilarious too. Jiggling the bathroom door handle repeatedly when someone is sat on the toilet. You guessed it. Hilarious. As evidenced by the constant look of barely comprehending glee spread from ear to ear on that odd undersized head. Children. They are almost like real people.

This child isn't one I just found, or made myself. And he didn't come free on the cover of a magazine or in a box of cereal. He's my godson. Without the god. Except that just leaves 'son, and that's not true either. For argument's sake, and for ease and clarity, let's just stick with godson. The technical term, I think, was 'responsible adult' instead of 'godparent'. But then what would be the civil version of a 'godchild'? 'Irresponsible baby'? It would be true, but seems more of an accusation or admonition than a title or relationship.

You know what else is funny? Rolling around on the floor with rice and egg on your t-shirt and yogurt on your face. Yes. Try it some time. You'll be amazed at the reaction. I've not done it myself, but it seems to work for a two year old. He found it funny.

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