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Thursday, May 24, 2012

597: a brief excuse

One week behind on the blogging now and, I insist, with bally darn good reason, I'll have you know, what?. See, I was Mr. Bradshaw, and I still am. But now Mrs. Bradshaw is not just the name of my mum and Nana. It's also the name of my girlfriend. Confused? Don't be. It's simple. Now she is my wife. ...and together they are Mr & Mrs Bradshaw.

Consider this short post a place holder. A welcome page to I Blog Every Day serving as the most recent excuse/reason as to why I am not blogging every day. Married on Monday, writing my speech the week before, hanging out with my best mens's this weekend gone, and now on our short honeymoon break in a luxury hotel in the middle of nowhere, beside beautiful Lough Eske in County Donegal. I have a nice little laptop, gifted to me by my bride on the morning of our wedding, and plenty of better things to do than writing this. But what is this new laptop if not a tool for writing?

A question I have no interesting in answering. I don't think I've ever been this relaxed. Now it's time to wander off to the bar, and face such difficult choices as to what single malt Irish whisky to try, what delicious meal to have, whether to sit in the sun under the blue sky, or whether to sit by the log fire under the genuine Lucian Freud painting. More blogging to follow as and when I decide.

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