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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

474: wot im reding

A quick post tonight about all things being connected, everything must be viewed holistically; any one thing, no matter how seemingly impossible, improbable, unlikely or irrelevant can and does have startling consequences in unseen and unconsidered areas of activity. I'm reading a fantastic charity shop find: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams, soon to be followed by The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul, which I believe is the sequel. Many people my age, and of my ever-so slightly geeky disposition, probably got into ol' Douggie in their young youths reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I never read that until I was an adult, but loved it and gradually read all three, four, or five of them. They are very funny, packed full of incredibly bizarre and exciting ideas, but it's all over the place; huge story arcs that take half a sentence to happen, very little plot, just bumming about the galaxy stumbling in and out of strange scenarios passively. Good though. And thanks for all the fish. Dirk Gently is all together different, although written in very much the same comic voice. It has some sci-fi elements, some mystery/whodunit stuff, and great depths of weirdness. So it's not that different, apparently I was wrong. It's very similar. It does seem more plot driven, and I'm very excited to find out how all the storylines will pull together. You see, everything is connected. Every disparate detail of the universe is actually part of the same sequence of events; this is part of that and that is part of the other. There is an electric monk (an appliance designed to conveniently believe stuff so the owner can get on with more important things) from another universe, a strange Cambridge don with a mysterious abacus and rooms, a horse, a computer programmer, his bos who is murdered by the monk, the ghost of the murdered man, a former magazine editor, a thing with a salt cellar embedded in a fake ancient Grecian pot, hypnotism, an ex-secretary, an holistic detective called Svald Cjelli, and a bunch of storylines excitingly and amusingly coming together. Right, that's enough of my own shitty writing. I'm off to do some reading. Soz. Bye.

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