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Monday, December 19, 2011

479: BPM 37093

Before I start, let me just say, that if you got here via a google search for BPM 37093, and are expecting an informed article about that particular carbide crystalline (I just made up that term, I hope its right, it sounds good to me) white dwarf -or diamond star- then please try to conceal your disappointment. I only say this because my blog's stats indicate that my most popular recent posts have been one with an aside mentioning Gary Speed, and another mentioning Craig Charles and Coronation Street. It seems that hundreds of people a day have been directed to my blog by google in order to find the answer to the question "has Craig Charles left Coronation Street?" I don't actually know, my only information on the subject coming from Wikipedia, the source of which I have not verified.

I have not checked recently, but I think it's probably safe to assume that the ever-oscillating relationships of the characters on Coronation Street remains more popular amongst the general public than the technical specifications of alpha-numerically designated stellar inhabitants of the Centaurus constellation. From that I hypothesise that I will not receive hundreds of misguided hits from minds inquisitive about the latest goss' regarding BPM 37093. Anyone who has got here via that route, sorry, but you are welcome to come in and have a drink; just take your shoes off at the door, and don't stay too long. And don't move anything.

Now that I've cleared that up I'd also like to inform any of my regular readers that they would do well to google BPM 37093 for information, not about an incredibly fast piece of music but, about one of the beautifully bizarre and improbable, but actual real phenomena that our amazing universe throws up. Forget the ghost that your uncle thought he saw, or your friend's mum who went to a psychic and was told about her dog being happy on the other side. Forget about all that; it's not real, therefore it's not interesting. It is inconsequential. However BPM 37093 is real, and it's fascinating. I'll say no more. Except I advise you to watch Prof Brian Cox leading up to an explanation of BPM 37093, via a description of the entire universe, in tonight's lecture A Night with the Stars. Every syllable he speaks contains more truth than all the utterances of spirits through mediums, and all the bibles, and all that crap combined. Plus every crappy word of this endless blog of mine.

Sorry again for the disappointing let down about the Coronation Street thing. If it's any help to anyone I believe Craig Charles will return, in his guise as the love-lorn beer-drinking cheeky chappy Lloyd, after he has filmed another series of Red Dwarf in which he plays love-lorn beer-drinking cheeky chappie Lister. I just hope that I don't get hundreds more people drawn here on a daily basis due to incidental appearances of popular search terms, e.g. Justin Bieber beaver Green Bay Packers Kansas City Chiefs Alvin and the Chipmunks Mission Impossible big hot sex tits porn Christmas kardashian hannukah holidays lindsay lohan. I wouldn't want that to happen. No, I'm more interested in BPM 273939, or whatever it was called.

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