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Thursday, December 15, 2011

476: Christmas and Craig Charles

Creeping up to Christmas and the urge to make everything "Irish" is back. Irish coffee, etc. I blogged the other day about drinking whiskey and milk; that is basically Irish milk. I've seen it; they all have it on their breakfast cereal, the Irish do. I've seen it with my own overactive imagination. Were it not for the importance of being upstanding, hardworking and respectable in life and in the day job it might be nice to start a cold winter morning with an Irish coffee. So as I said before, I've recently blogged about sticking whiskey in other stuff. I don't want to portray an image of a whiskey sloshing sop, but you know; so be it...

One week left of work and then that amazing thing is upon us all: ten work free days of family, food, and heavy digestion on the sofa in front of Gremlins and It's A Wonderful Life. Tenuous link of the day: Coronation Street is on telly right now, Lloyd played by Craig Charles just appeared, Craig Charles shot to fame as Dave Lister in Red Dwarf, in the Grant Naylor novel Better Than Life based on Red Dwarf Lister's favourite film is It's A Wonderful Life, and when he is trapped in the eponymous fatally addictive virtual reality game he lives in the plot of said Christmas film. Glad I got that out of my system. Do with that information what you will.

Craig Charles has just left Coronation Street to film a new series of Red Dwarf. I've long, looonnngg since given up any hope for a decent new Dwarf. Not since the end of series six has a good series been made; not since the recasting of Kristine Kochanski from the awesome, funny, sexy Clare Grogran to the useless somebody someone. Erm... final Craig Charles thought: my fiancee used to teach dance and/or drama to his two wee kids. She's met him; I haven't. He was my hero when I was a wee kiddy nerd for BBC comedy/sci-fi. I even bought his poetry/stand-up comedy VHS Craig Charles Live. He has fantastic music taste.

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