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Sunday, May 29, 2011

309:on the eve of @Eurocultured ... (instead of sleeping)

Long day ahead tomorrow as Eurocultured kicks off in the streets (well, some of them) of Manchester; crowding the archways and side streets tunnelling underneath Oxford Road station.  I’m meeting mein mama und papa, and I’m gonna roll up packing press pass; promises to be a good day, weather permitting.  Weather, I permit you to rain down a short light cooling drizzle, if you promise to bring warm sunshine and gentle breezes.

If you’re heading down tomorrow you might want to download this pdf of the Sunday running order; bands, djs, breakdance competitions, etc.  Personally I’m most looking forward to the street art, and I’m anticipating stalls selling foods I’ve never tried before.  Get me a caramelised piglet on a stick and a packet of salted scorpion bones and I’m happy as a cat on the ‘nip.

So my camera batteries are on charge, I’ve got a pen and a notebook somewhere to hand, and a bank holiday weekend in the bank.  Now all I need to do is get some sleep, and get an early start tomorrow.  I’m all blogged out today after all the catch-up, so this is going to be a short one.  Tomorrow I am taking my parents to visit BLANKSPACE for the first time, where I hope they will enjoy Eurocultured X Manchester.  And let us all celebrate the historic occasion now by looking at some excellent photos of the preview nights way back on Thursday.

Photos supplied by Gareth Hacking and his flickr account:

Eurocultured X Manchester Exhibition Preview
Eurocultured X Manchester Exhibition Preview

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