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Sunday, May 08, 2011

289: best blog evar! best band evar!

I’ve started using twitter again.  It may only be temporary, or I may stick with it for some time – who knows.  If you are a big twitter user and want to follow me (and receive a tweet every time I post a blog) you can do so @iblogeveryday.  If you’re not into twitter, that’s fine; it’s not that great anyway.  Facebook is better; don’t be a twitter twot, be a Facebook friend, is the moral of the story (as yet unwritten).

My site was nominated for Best Pop Culture Blog!  My site was nominated for Best Blog About Blogging!
My site was nominated for Best Blog About Stuff!  My site was nominated for Best Entertainment Blog!

I’ve also got all above-my-station, jumped-up, and convinced of my own worth, by nominating myself for four categories (the maximum allowed) at Blogger’s Choice Awards.  I decided to put my savoury little ass on the plate for Best Entertainment Blog, Best Blog About Blogging, Best Blog About Stuff, and Best Pop Culture Blog.  So please do your bit and vote for me in some or all of these categories; it’ll look pretty pathetic if I am not only self-nominated, but also having only received a vote from myself.  Well everyone else thinks you are shit, but at least you love yourself.  Leave a nice little comment too :)  P.S. You will need to register to vote.  And just to keep face here is some pop culture:

Next I’ll be nominating myself for Best Blog or Whatever in the Whole World or Wherever category of the Olympics.  And after that it’s onwards and upwards to Best Thing and Person Ever Ever EVAR!  But to err on the side of caution I’ll start off with Best Blog By Kevin Bradshaw, but knowing my luck I’ll probably lose out to this guyGive me back my name, blog-boy.....

Speaking of winning, today I will be attending the Live & Unsigned North West area finals to support my boys Surreal Knowledge.  When they storm the show, like Wyld Stallyns rocking God Gave Rock and Roll To You, they will go onto the Live & Unsigned national finals at the O2.  I’ve been following these hugely talented guys for years – by that I mean they are old friends so I may be a little biased.  Actually being their friend just means they are good for a laugh and a drink, and may lend you a tenner if you are in dire need.  If they were shit I would say, cos I’m that kinda guy.  But they are not.

They are a musically and lyrically sophisticated approach to hip hop, with the emphasis on fun and being awesome.  Their debut album The Tri-Spectrum Argument Phenomenon is in the can, and primed for release later this year, with the assistance of their larger crew Tactical Thinking.  If I can get my shit together I may be doing the artwork for the album cover; better pull my hand out of my arse and get started.

Enough from me, I’ll hand you over to Pete Cannon (aka Mr. Dick), Stoopid Ill (aka Derogatory), Jay Madden, plus new addition multi-instrumentalists Henry ‘Dank Zappa’ Roberts and Edward Marsden.  Via the magic of soundcloud:

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