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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

284: In which I don't engage the conspiracists...

I hate it when stuff happens.  It just brings out the conspiracy theories.  The tedious nonsense about clandestine cloak and dagger conspiring and the evil empire of Western imperialism and blah blah blah; change the fucking record.  Yes, you understand the evidence when no one else does; woop-di-fucking-do for you; well done for lifting the veil and seeing what we mindless sheep don’t. 

We just eat our cereal and obey our government and never question anything except conspiracy theorists; of course we should be questioning anyone but conspiracy theorists.  Don’t question the 9/11-was-an-inside-job people, or the ­moon-landings-were-faked people, or any of the other ones, because they have seen the truth; read the right stuff; understand everything there is to know about forensics, socio/political/economic motivations, ballistics, building materials, structural architecture, and anything else the so-called experts claim.

Hopefully that will be the last of the anti-conspiracy outbursts I need to vent from my system for a while.  I don’t want to have to respond to the shit that flies about at times like this. It seems that, to some people, everything that Western powers do is a massive evil lie designed to enslave us in dumb happiness, and rebrand our imperial rule over the poor ign’ant people of non-European descent.  Conspiracy theories, like 9/11 was an inside job, patronise everyone in the world.

This really has turned into a mad ranting ramble.  I could easily be on the other side, stringing together random coincidences with made up ‘facts’, peppering it with retrospective significances and nitpicking at tiny irrelevant details; claiming uninformed statements as obvious truth, begging the question, and confusing opinion with evidence.  Let’s make up the world around us.  In the past people made up stories based on ignorance, a lack of understanding about evidence; now it’s the same thing happening with conspiracies.

I’m going to sign off now and go to sleep.  I have an early start in the morning, the laptop is overheating (possibly due to a CIA device of some unlikely construction), and I really don’t want to engage with conspiracy theorists.  Not that I will with this shamble of shite.  They have more pressing matters to attend to like Obama’s birth certificate and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  Maybe if we leave them to it; give them their one private internet separate from ours; and just let them make up their stories in private without having to subject them to the rest of us.

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