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Thursday, May 26, 2011

305: @Eurocultured X Manchester >>> COME!!!

Yes, I know; I’ve missed out 304, but it’s on its way.  It was going to be a clever dick thing about Ryan Giggs but then ol’ parliamentary privilege went and scuppered those plans.  It can still be done though; there is plenty of ranting and venting left in that.

The install is well under way for tomorrow’s launch of Eurocultured X Manchester at BLANKSPACE (43 Hulme St, Manchester, M15 6AW) is well underway.  All the donkey-work is done; the big canvases are hung, spray paint is drying on the walls, and the ‘SPACE is looking vibrant and like, well street, innit, ya get meh?  I’m just going to have a walk around and see what I can see.  And then I’m going to keep it all to myself, cos if you want to know what there is you had better come down yourself.  It’s tomorrow, remember?

Eurocultured is put together by some guys called Spearfish who “proudly present a group show featuring some of our favourite artists in one of Manchester’s premier art spaces for one week only!”
Brand new work featuring installations, sculptures, animation and work on canvases by...

Also a retrospective of original works created at past Eurocultured events including:

Mr Kern (France)
Impe & Woozy (Greece)
ECB (Germany)
Elph (UK)
Guy McKinley (UK)

There you go; that’s all the info you need and more.  Plenty of links for you to check out; a website here and a blogspot there, now go for it!  Get clicking and see what you can see!  I’ve invited you all on facebook (tried to plug it on twitter but the bloody thing is over capacity) and I’ll do it again here.

Eurocultured X Manchester kicks off what will be a great bank holiday weekend.  Even my parents are coming down to shake their money makers and stroke their beards of a Sunday afternoon.  That is a mark of quality.  The last time they joined me for an event like this was for Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry at the Dome, Morecambe (R.I.P), where they skanked and dubbed with the best of them.  I had better get some sleep before tomorrow kicks in, or by the time the weekend is here I won’t even be able to keep up with mama and papa.  They will be out-walking me, out-talking me, out-eating me, and out-drinking me in and out of the arches under Oxford Road Station.

See you tomorrow :) 

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