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Friday, April 01, 2011

Scenes of Human Pathological Syntheo-plasty, 2009-2010

Hank Hoek, magazine cutting, 2011

Artist: Hank Hoek

Work: Images from Scenes of Human Pathological Syntheo-plasty, 2009-2010

Hank Hoek, magazine cutting, 2011

Artist’s statement:
Hoek’s didactic realism aims to undermine the counterpunctual reharmonisation and crass re-extrapolarisation he perceives in contemporary political strawmongering.  Historically the hegemony has trickled down a hermeneutic deconstruction which both enables and hobbles the passive observer.  Hoek first began his artistic response to this envelopment the year he began chewing tobacco.  This symbolic act of past/present augmentation was both an artistic statement and a revolutionary cry.  His images are stark and subtle, dreamy and firmly rooted in a reality that challenges standard-model complexity theory.  As a practising rational deconstructionalist Hoek is starkly aware of the need to resynthesise the degrading neural/optical trade-off which popular subjectional methodology systematically underscores.

Hank Hoek, magazine cutting, 2011

Hoek has exhibited his Scenes of Human Pathological Syntheo-plasty, 2009-2010, in Reading’s Pop Tart Gallery, Munich’s Der Ründerspfänken Kunsthaus, London’s Tosspot Spot, and Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach.  Excerpts from the series have been featured in various publications including Jammy Doggy, Onken Kerplunk!, Carp Monthly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fan Fiction Vol. 33f-h, Social Text, and The Financial Times.

Hank Hoek, magazine cutting, 2011

All magazine page layout designed by Henry Roberts of Instadesign.  Thanks to Hank Hoek for his wonderful, insightful and stunning art work; we hope he will soon be providing us with more of his seminal series Scenes of Human Pathological Syntheo-plasty.  In the meantime you can check out the above images in more detail by going to >>>> here.

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