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Saturday, April 09, 2011

258: procrastinating and drinking @ BLANKSPACE

dean_kelland_history_britainA quick post today even though I am playing catch-up again.  Saturday will get me back on track; Thursday night, flowing freely and copiously (both literally) with beer and wine at BLANKSPACE is what has set me back.  I done blog late cos i wuz dranken hevy lots.  So last night was the opening of No Such Thing Collective’s show entitled Perception/Deception which I thoroughly enjoyed both as an artist and an alcoholic.  This is not the post about the art and the opening; that will come when I source some photos from the event.  In the meantime, we’ll all have to make do with whatever is coming next >>>>>

Besides all the wine and beer (did I mention the wine and beer; I like wine and beer) there was postcards and ephemera for my massing collection, which I will draw from copiously (second use of that word) to illustrate tha blgpst wot ii z ritin nw.  Chatted shit with interesting, amusing and entertaining people; discussed the 1995 King of the Deathmatch final between Cactus Jack and Terry Funk with Michael Thorp; walking and cobblestones with Steph Graham; Tom Waits and Teletubbies with Mark Devereux, and a bunch of other stuff I dimly recollect.  I actually have more memories of my bizarre and vivid dreams from last night, than I do of any realities.

dean_kelland_british_comedy_moments_2Stumbled around bad-temperedly at work for a few short hours.  Popped into BLANKSPACE this morning (with my new set of keys, huzzah), ate a sausage sandwich, and let some artists from our next exhibition in to drop off some work.  They left lots of paintings, some of which were massive with a capital fucking.  If it wasn’t rude, and not the done thing, I would start lifting them and moving them to get a better look.  I’ll just have to wait a week for the install (nearly two for the opening of the next exhibition).  Also met Liz West for the first time today.  She is a very talent artist who has worked with Blank Media Collective before.  Her work is extremely colourful and has always stood out to me as being worth attention.  I also learned she is the owner of the world’s largest collection of Spice Girls memorabilia, and hopefully will v soon be awarded a Guinness World Record.  Good luck to her.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some photos of Perception/Deception to build a blog post around, otherwise I might have to resort to writing about the can of Grass Jelly drink I tried today: mmm chunks.

The images on today's post are scanned from postcards I picked up yesterday.  They depict scenes from Dean Kelland's performance and installation art.  The images are all created by, owned by and copywrite of Dean Kelland (click on each image for details).  Followed by a related video for your enjoyment.


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