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Monday, April 04, 2011

255: bit of this, bit of that

Popped into BLANKSPACE after work today, and couldn’t resist but having a cheeky wee peek at some of the work in our next exhibition.  We are hosting the No Such Thing Collective and their exhibition Perception|Deception.  There is a lot of seriously high quality work, but it wouldn’t be right for me to discuss it before the opening.  Speaking of the opening: Thursday 7th April 6pm-9pm @ BLANKSPACE; exhibition continues Friday 8th until Sunday 17th April.

By all accounts No Such Thing were able to install the majority of their work lightning fast on Saturday, and I have yet to meet any of the group’s members.  Exchanged a couple of emails with group member Hilton Vasey, but that’s not important.  Anyway, speaking of Hilton Vasey I’ve just had a look at his website, and was pleased to discover the work I was admiring most was his.  (I saw his work at BLANKSPACE first, and then tried to avoid looking at the rest so as not to spoil the surprise for Thursday.)

The Desperate Hours, Dean Kelland, 2010
Michael and I were examining a strange contraption which vaguely resembled a Siamese twin-horned gramophone with a patterned inlaid tabletop instead of a turntable.  The electrical flex to the plug socket was of an extremely old fashioned double helix form.  We ummed and ahhed and dared each other to start messing with it, but in the end that old fear of art (Do not touch; “As if the oil on my skin could mess up an out-door steel statue.” –Paul Barman) prevented us from fiddling.  Brilliantly Hilton’s website has a link to the YouTube video of Tesla Speaker in action.

Anyhoo, as I said before I don’t want to be spoiling the exhibition by giving too much away.  If you want to see the work (and you do) come down on Thursday.  Say hi.  In the meantime I tried and failed to change some of the gallery’s light bulbs (lacking a spare stepladder), and then sat in with John interviewing a candidate for the role of Features Editor for blankpages.  Again another subject I can’t discuss; ho hum.  Right quick, I need to pull another subject out of the bag:

Monday is my fiancée's telly night which means I have been trying to do BMC work and write my blog while the background shouts at me with Coronation Street, Glee, One Born Every Minute, and some programme about bitchy hairdressers bitching at each other and saying their hair looks like shit.  Really makes it hard to string a coherent thought together.  For example now there is an advert for corn plasters; how am I supposed to work with this happening?  I tell you what.  Let's just write off this post for now.  I've had a good innings; perhaps it's time to head to bed.  And, see you tomorrow.


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