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Friday, April 22, 2011

271: Good morning, good mourning, Good Friday.

Got a bit of blogging to catch up with this morning.  The last two nights I have been out and about with Blank Media Collective; last night was at the opening of our current external exhibition, and Wednesday was at greenroom for the launch of Who’s Laughing Now (our final exhibition at greenroom).  As many of you probably know greenroom has been at the centre of arts innovation and promotion in Manchester for the last 28 years.  Following the cuts it is no longer part of ACE’s National Portfolio, and will be closing its doors in May.  We are all saddened by this news and I will soon be dedicating some posts to them.

My good buddy Mr. Ralph (of Bab Kubwa) came down to greenroom to film the building, and last night I interviewed John Leyland and Mark Devereux of BMC for their thoughts and feelings about greenroom.  We will be editing this together into a short video tribute to greenroom.  Also the unedited audio of John, Mark and myself might make a nice podcast/audio download.  John and Mark had some great memories about greenroom, and gave a touching insight into why it means so much to people.  There were tears.

So anyway, the last two nights of gallivanting have resulted in my returning home jolly, “exhausted” and jolly tired, and therefore not feeling particularly bloggilicious.  Now I’m feeling a tad rusty.  It’s a bank holiday (I think they are killing Jesus today), so there are no builders banging around to provide fuel for my scornful fire.  Why can I not think of anything to blog about?  What could I possibly write about today, the day when a billion blood-cultists celebrate the human sacrifice of a cocky magician, by having the day off work?  Fuck me, Christianity is a morbid, sordid little fetish club!

I think I’ve found the theme for at least one of today’s catch-up posts: coming soon (within the next hour or so), some thoughts on Good Friday and all that it entails.  I’ll speak no more about it for now, because I don’t want to waste any amusing turns of phrase, or vicious little rants.  I ought to be tidying the flat; we have visitors this weekend, and I want it to look nice, plus I have plans to cook a beef brisket on Sunday.  Blah blah blah.  Let’s call this post a day and get on with the rest of our lives.  Laterz.

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