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Sunday, April 10, 2011

A couple of weird drawings, yeah?

three men, to nana from kev

I just received an email from my nana via my mum featuring two drawings I made at undetermined young ages.  One is not so odd; it depicts my family and I working the allotment, and was perhaps made when I was sort of seven, eight, ish...  The other is fairly bizarre scene depicting three hideous characters.  The centre figure is two-faced and four-armed, with undefined mechanical hands and a strange genital protrusion.  He/it is flanked by a pair of bearded armless bodies that appear to boast distended proboscises.  Fortunately the sun is shining and the middle monster has got his hat on.

allotment drawing

And yes, I am aware that sticking these pictures on my blog is the artistic equivalent of trying to open a restaurant by serving diners the leftover scrapings from my plate of cheesy beans and potato waffles.  But then again what else am I going to do with these pictures.  I might have another fifty years of blogging ahead of me so there may be a bit of recycling.  Just, if I become one of those guys who brings other people's litter home, and stores up all his own waste in plastic bottles and carrier bags, then maybe someone can speak up.  Thanks in advance. 

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