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Monday, April 11, 2011

261: BMC, USG, CVD, RGB and CMYK [sic]

Blank Media Collective and MadLab are collaborating on an exhibition called User Generated Content.  It’s an open-call, and the theme is “social media, self-publishing and the virtual environments that we create for ourselves”.  Given my obsession (i.e. burgeoning mania) with this blog, I am beginning to suspect I should put in a proposal and get back to being a practicing artist.  This blog provides a lot of material, and I fancy getting all conceptual and installation-y on all y’all asses.  I’ve spent some time this evening working on a proposal, and have just emailed it to some reliable minds to get their valuable opinions.  I’m excited so I hope this can go ahead.  Fingers, toes and follicles crossed, yeah?  Cheers, lads.  I’m not involved in anything to do with selection or curation of USG, so as far as I can see it’s fair game for me to submit a proposal.

Kevin's blog, yesterday
The idea I’ve come up with involves (to some extent yet to be disclosed) me being able to constantly turn out blog posts for long periods of time, whilst interacting face-to-face with members of the public and generally being poked, badgered, disturbed, and schmoozed.  Problem is after I wrote that first paragraph I hit a dead end.  It’s so bloody hot in the flat since the weather changed a couple of days ago, and all I can do now is exude a slimy film of thick resin-like sweat, which coalesces into a globulous pool of goo, gum and gunk.  How will I fare better when faced with a gawping bunch of drunken art students, and curious beard-scratchers and chin-strokers mirroring my pretensions back at me?  Fine I expect.

Could be one of those things that is best not to reveal too much about until it’s properly developed.  At the moment it’s just an idea that has fallen out of my head and splattered messily on the desktop.  Once I tidy it and form it into something strong and sustainable I’ll stand and shout about it.  I had better change the subject then, hadn't I?  I have some problem with colour vision.  I'm not colour blind as such because this is could mean I see only in shades of grey.  As it is I can see colours, just not particularly well, and often need to compare things with familiar objects in order to see the difference in colour.  I remember clearly seeing fields in the distance as red when I was a little boy.  On this online colour blindness test I can only see one out of ten of the numbers, the colourwheel perception thing barely changes, and I can quite clearly read the word in the reverse-colour blind test.

The reason I mention this is because I think sometimes it makes certain colours very unpleasant to look at when they are placed beside other colours.  I cannot focus on them and they jump and flicker. The User Generated Content logo at the top of this post is one such set of ill-fitting colours.  When I look at it my eyes immediately try to escape as if I am trying to force them into the wrong sized hole, and they keep painfully pinging out to the side.  The writing itself seems to move and flash and glow, and I ... baaaarrrfffffff ... sorry about that.  Just a little side effect from staring at the moving words and colours for too long.

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