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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

276: just heard about Poly Styrene RIP

So what should I write about?  I feel I should force a vitriolic defense of Zines; zine is not a dirty word, it is another artistic medium in which good and bad can be found.  P.S.  that was not the vitriolic defence, t’was merely a passing comment.  I love zines, but sadly others don’t.  This whole thing of speaking in code with something in mind is not a good idea, and I don’t wish the blog to head in this direction.  The post-meeting drinks have left me drunk and, as a result, prone to half-blind blobbling gibber.  Apologies to all opposed to any form of wibbling blobber, or gabbling gabba.

I tell thee; it’s bloody typical.  Last post I claimed to have no idea what I was writing about, and then went on to an anti-monarchist piss-take of Wills Vs Kate: a Match Made in Heaven.  Yet today I’m sure I had something planned out, but bugger me if I can remember what it was.  

Flippancy can sit aside for the time being as I have just discovered that the awesome incredible, raw and perfect punk singer Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex has just passed from cancer.  The big C claims another of humanities greats.  I first heard X-Ray Spex thanks to my uncle who blasted out Oh Bondage, Up Yours.  From now until forever Oh Bondage, Up Yours will be the perfect Poly Styrene vocal, as well as being the only total-punk non-Johnny Rotten vocal.  I’m usually adamant that if it’s not Pistols, it’s not Punk.  Few names change my mind, but X-Ray Spex are one of them.

I’m sorry this isn’t a proper tribute, but I’ve only just heard the news.  Poly meant more to many people than she did to me.  Her family, friends and fans new her better than I did, but I feel the loss of her talent... and her awesome punk voice.  Bind me, tie me, chain me to the wall, I wanna be a slave to you all – Oh Bondage, Up Yours!!!!!!!!!!!!  Or to quote some YouTube poster – Oh Cancer, Up Yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you haven’t noticed I’ve actually been being trying to raise money for the Christie Hospital charity through JustGiving using the power of my tireless dedication to blogging (I’m tired).  If you care to do some basic research you will discover that only my mum has been kind enough to donate to my charity of choice.  I chose Christies because it makes such a difference, works hard towards a cure to cancer, and is in my constituency.  Please donate if you can by going to my JustGiving page.  Thank you and good night.

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