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Friday, January 21, 2011

Ich unterstütze Tacheles...

A few days ago I wrote a little word or two about the Kunsthaus Tacheles.  If you recall Tacheles is the amazing art-house at the centre of Berlin’s alternative art culture: graffiti, film, painting, sculpture, all sorts.  The place is just brilliant, but unfortunately as is so often the case with these sorts of places, developers want the land and the council wants to gentrify the place.  Looks like the writing may be on the wall for Tacheles.  If you haven’t been there, I urge you to visit soon.  If that’s out of the question, here are some links to articles etc.  I’ve also made a little video of the graffitied stairwell set to the music of E.M.A.K..

I Support Tacheles - http://isupporttacheles.blogspot.com/.  Blog depicting images of Tacheles supporters worldwide.
Tacheles official website - http://super.tacheles.de/cms/.
Wikipedia page - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kunsthaus_Tacheles.  History, images and more links.

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Dionne said...

i think i might have been here, looks very familiar!