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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

173: xn = n(n-1)/2 + 1

Drat, done it again.  Missed another day of blogging due to sudden onset sleeping, and now I’m playing catch-up.  I can’t continue making excuse (but probably will) so if you want to read previous good reasons why I missed a day read 146 and 162.  There seems to be a decreasing cycle emerging between missed blogging days.  There was 16 days between the first and seconds times, followed by 11 days between the second and third times.  Following a particular number sequence I will miss the next blog in 7 days, then 4 after that, then in 2 days, then the next day.  Not a good prognosis; in two weeks time I will miss my blog every day.  This is provable fact as shown by the number sequence 1, 2, 4, 7, 11, 16... where 2 is 1+1, 2+2=4, 4+3=7, 7+4=11, 11+5=16, etc.

I may be mistaken; the solution may not lay within the mathematics of the numbers 16 and 11.  Perhaps there is a more heavenly solution. Put the numbers 16 and 11 together and what do you get?  Why, the year of Our Lord sixteen hundred and eleven, of course.  The year of publication of the Authorised King James Version of the good book biblious manuscriptum, the Bible, Hallowed be thy name, Gloria in Excelsis Deo.  It is widely regarded as one of the great works of English literature and shares its 17th Century pedigree with the likes of Defoe, Donne, Milton and Shakespeare.  1611 saw the premier performance of The Tempest.  Perhaps the significance of 1611 is not explicitly religious, but is making a wider prediction about literary merit, influence and longevity.

The rest of this torturous epistemological exercise in paranoid delusion and conspiracy can be easily completed by you.  If you wish to do so go to Wikipedia page 16 (number) or 16, pick a random concept or event, then go to 11 (number) or 11, and do the same.  Add together your two unconnected events and hey presto, an explanation of suspicious events that seems more likely the more you think about it.  For example 16 digits is the usual length of a bank card number, representing the technological traps faced in the modern world, and 11 represents the first number that cannot be represented on fingers and thumbs showing the limits nature has imposed on humanity.  There must be something there.

You are teetering on the peak of a mountain.  Either side of you are precipices; one way lies madness, the other lies a rabbit hole of dark discovery, interconnectedness between unlikely events, global conspiracy, and other such bollocks.  You go that way if you like, meanwhile I’ll enjoy really interesting real events like the Apollo project.  I got an amazing DVD for Christmas For All Mankind which tells the story of the Apollo missions including 6 moon landings (12 men walked on the moon) using NASA archive footage shot by the astronauts themselves, and narrated by Michael Collins, Jack Swigert, Buzz Aldrin and a few of the others.  Best thing ever.

Time for tea.  Join me later this evening for further updates about stuff and other things.

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g_s_bradshaw said...

Mentioning the King James Bible reminds me there was an article in the New Statesman recently on this subject by, surprise surprise, Richard Dawkins!