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Sunday, April 08, 2012

566: sausage soup and groovy cosmic

Instead of reading this blog post I have a better idea. Read this recipe for Polish Biała Kiełbasa soup, get the ingredients, make it, eat it, realise it's the middle of the night, got to bed, sleep like a contented fat hog (like you are), fart heartily and repeatedly until a hole is burned through the seat of your pyjamas.

It's a thick white soup made with a base of sausage and onion/garlic stock with sour cream and flour, with great mouthfuls of potato, hard-boiled egg and white Polish sausage. Before Thursday I'd never heard of it but a friend at work mentioned it and its traditional position as an Easter Sunday breakfast, and I knew right then it sounded like the kind of thing I wanted spooning into my face. Not being one for tradition-for-tradition's sake, I made it today and ate some with my dad. We loved it. Don't know how well it reheats (what with all the cream and fat in it) but there is plenty left for breakfast. No priests were about to bless the ingredients.

Barely relevant aside: according to my dad Hare Krishnas had (or have?) that little ponytail so they can be lifted into heaven, as though it is a kind of groovy cosmic space handle. I asked if my toes were hairy so I can be dragged down into hell by them. Maybe that's where I'll be going for eating food made from unblessed ingredients, and for flippantly stealing from other cultures based solely on how delicious they are.

Tomorrow we get to give our niece her Święconka basket. It's an Easter basket. I've never had one myself, but seems like fun. If the weather holds out there'll be an egg hunt at the allotment, hop this way >>> etc.



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