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Friday, April 06, 2012

564: Huh? The who what now?

The internet makes no sense whatsoever. Somehow the top site referring to this blog today, behind Googles dot-com and dot-co-dot-uk, is one pointless little hate-spout called Americans Who Hate Obama dot-com. Presumably these are the sort of deluded self-hating confused bigots who would have been forming Christians Who Hate Christ sects in Judea circa 25AD. I have no evidence for that, but whatever. It's the sort of website that contains such self-defeating gems of babble as:
We urge you to make your voice heard now, so that generations from today will not look back and say, like they now say for Hitler's regime;- Where was all the good Germans? Where are all the Good Americans?
Er, yeah? I just can't help looking at Obama and being reminded of Hitler. It's like whenever I see Postman Pat I'm reminded of Genghis Kahn. Whenever I see Dr Sam Beckett I'm reminded of Dame Edna Everage. Whenever I see Chandler Bing I'm reminded of Harold Shipman. Humphrey Bogart reminds me of a mutant turtle called Donatello, teen-aged and skilled in the art of ninjitsu. Richard Feynmann reminds me of General Zod and, conversely, King Zog reminds me of Nina Ricci.

This is because I have a chemical imbalance in my brain stemming from a severe head injury in a previous life. The shockwaves of the incident reverberate through time and I am still bobbing on the eddies generated in past aeons. That bloomin' Hitler, eh. What a twat he was. Such a bastard. Always trying to provide better access to affordable health care, wasn't he. We never did see Hitler's birth certificate did we. We did? Pah, obvious fakery.

I'm babbling badly-written nonsense obviously. But no more so than the extreme Americans who seem stubbornly ignorant to the complete differences between Socialism and National Socialism. The thought path seems to be: Obama wants to help the weakest in society and prevent the strong from unfairly exploiting the weak & society equals Socialism & Socialism equals Fascism. As if all of a sudden the strong need protecting from the weak. We demand our freedom to oppress. Blah blah blah.

This post was going to be about how boring, middle of the road, emotionally flat, and samey all those dreary songs by Adele are. It still is about that, but it's also about a pile of other crap too. Or something, or nothing. I think I might have drifted off halfway through. Bedtime, fo' real. Stop writing and go to sleep.


Willis Bangs said...

Obama would make a terrible dictator, have you heard how much he says 'erm' in his speeches?

"Erm, hello, is that the head of trains? I'd like for the, erm, trains to run on, erm, time. Please. Erm."


Do you think there will next be a post from the anti-Obama nuts wondering why they are getting traffic from you?

Kevin Bradshaw said...

I did have a direct link embedded, but I thought best not to draw too much weird attention to myself. We'll see if they cotton on.