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Monday, March 28, 2011

247: hmmm, let me see

I’ve started putting so much effort into these blogs that writing each one feels like producing a daily dissertation.  Actually, strike that; reverse it.  Instead of starting with a personal complaint, how about I just launch into whatever today’s (i.e. yesterday’s) blog is about.  I’m killing time with my fingers while my brain tries to decide what to write about.  Hmmm, let me see...  An old woman in the shop today, about 89, tiny and decrepit, looked at some cheap shoes and exclaimed fuck me, two pounds!  I enjoyed that.  Last week I heard a woman proudly boasting to her friend, and he’s given up the weed for a whole week now.  I am like a ghost at work tidying up after messy customers but largely ignored by them.  It’s a good place to be.

And then I went to BLANKSPACE, which is much quieter and has only as many shoes as there are people.  I believe this to be closer to the proper ratio.  BLANKSPACE was a buzzin’ lil hive of activ8T today.  The exhibitions team were grouping together to welcome four new members who I have yet to meet properly.  The team of No Offence Intended were taking down their exhibition, papering over the cracks, poly-fillering and dabbing damaged paint.  I had a meeting with local artist Sarah Sanders about the possibility of us hosting her life drawing and exploring drawing classes.  This seems very promising, and I’m sure there will be much enthusiastic hype spindling out from this blog, in the soon as.  We’ve got some great ideas in the pipeline; well worth getting involved with for all drawing enthusiasts and all of you with illustrative curiosity.

I’m looking forward to some drawing in BLANKSPACE as I’m pretty certain that it is my favourite medium of art.  In Japan I bought a massive art book called Vitamin D: New Perspectives in Drawing.  It is seriously heavy and important looking, and super-duperly varied in the styles it shows me.  I’ll do some photos of the best works and lob them up on here.  Might as well get my money’s worth.  I bought it before I had got the hang of the value of Japanese money.  The book still bears the price tag; a painful 9240 after tax.  Xe.com tells me this is £70.  It burns.  It burns.  I’m melting.  What a fool I was.

Right, this is turning out to be one of those old school blogs where I just say a few unconnected things, ramble a bit about what I am writing about, and then finish unconvincingly.  You know, my dad has never read a single one of my blog posts despite professing to be interested in art and literature.  I saw him over the weekend and chastised him for his sins.  I bigged the thing up , mentioning the interesting little things about books and BMC and stuff.  But now if he finally deigns to read the fucking thing, he’ll see this shit.  Ah well.

P.S. Not that this has got anything to do with anything, but still, 'ave it:

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