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Sunday, March 06, 2011

225: park. geese. bread. stick.

Parents visited today, and my sister and niece.  Day out; fed ducks, swans, geese at Platt Fields Park.  Gave them bread even though the sign instructs not to.  Says it pollutes the water and provides little nutritional value.  Buy seeds from the ice cream van, it suggests.  Sister and niece stood on bench throwing bread at squawking, honking, hooting, quacking gaggle.  Large birds pecked at female relatives and deposited an abundance of unusual faeces; think one of them was ill.  Bird ill; not female relative.  Loaf of bread went quickly.  Only two swans; one massive.  Geese plentiful and in control.  Ducks afraid to step forward; no match for geese.  Empty bag.  Birds lose interest quickly.  Niece discovers joy of chasing pigeons.

Play park quiet; niece laughs and runs up and down.  Stomping across climbing frame bridge like big bad troll.  Who’s that trip-trapping on my bridge?  Sister dizzy on spinny thing.  Dad on bench; mum snapping camera.  New, HD, ridiculous digital zoom.  Good buy.  Niece on swing wants other girl to push her.  Other girl shy but has a push, then I take over and she pushes brother.  We leave and she girl says to her mum “I wish that girl was my daughter”.  Funny.  She meant “sister”.  She said “daughter”.  Funny.  Niece couldn’t climb big kids frame.  Ran around instead.  Running in circles just as good anyway.

Dad read sign on fence about Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile.  Sri crazy Hindu-hippy cult guy.  Liked running.  Dad interested in that sort of thing.  Niece tired after running so sat on my shoulders.  Saw kite stuck in tree.  Niece suggested only a giant could reach.  Accurate observation.  Clever girl.  Must run in family.  Cleverness, not girliness.  Parents walked ahead and rounded corner out of sight.  Niece speculated about crocodiles in duck pond.  Asked, “Are we lost?  Where’s granddad?”  Found granddad.  And nana.  Niece found stick.  Wouldn’t put stick down.  “I don’t need to put my stick down.”  A fair statement.  Kept stick.

Long walk back to car.  Niece waved stick at adult with severe learning difficulties.  It was a good stick.  Niece waved stick at Italians playing football.  Stick very versatile.  Niece waved stick and sang about Winnie the Pooh.  May be nothing that stick isn’t good for.  One impressive stick.  Niece sat in car telling story about baby dogs and crocodiles.  Epic tale of mystery, intrigue, tragedy and comedy.  Lots about a stick.  Great imagination.  Cold and windy outside; good to be back in warmth of car.  Got home to serve southern fried chicken, quiche, salad and cheese and meat board to family.  Nice buffet.  Hot tea, well earned.

Tomorrow going to Manchester Museum.  See mummies, dinosaurs, stuffed animals, cuneiform.  Wonder if mummies foot been reattached yet.  Cooking roast dinner tomorrow.  Should be a good day.

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