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Thursday, March 10, 2011

229: a lie-in, no offence, and free fishy stuff

In my new-and-improved official capacity as Blank Media Collective’s External Exhibitions Coordinator for BLANKSPACE I’ve had an ever-so-slightly busier, but infinitely more interesting day than usual.  It began with a lie-in.  An insulting awakening by builders demolishing my chimney, metres from where I lay, achieved good ground in ruining my morning.  But, you’ll be happy to know, it started raining heavily, sending those hard-hatted, high-visibility-jacketed, brick-shifters running for cover, diving for the teabags and the sugar.  But enough about that; I thought I was going to talk about art or whatever, and here I am babbling and bibbling like a self-aggrandising child.

So anyway.  I met with the good chaps from No Offence Intended; a bunch of young artists who are starting their install at BLANKSPACE.  It will be our first external exhibition, launching 17th March 2011 (6pm-9pm) with the customary free booze one associates with art show openings.  The religion themed exhibition then continues 18th March until 27th March.   I’ve seen proposals and had the works described to me, and am really looking forward to seeing them develop over the next week.  Many of them are site-specific and will be unique objects and/or events assembled onsite especially for the show.

I also met with some guys from Eurocultured about them using BLANKSPACE as part of their fantastic festival.  Last year’s Eurocultured was massive and something big and exciting to be part of.  Look out for an exhibition of some of Europe’s top street artists.  Anyway, it’s early days, so too soon for details so.... tum tit um, diddle-iddle-iddle-um... and then I did go to see an exhibition by Centrepoint Collective at the Instituto Cervantes on the corner of Deansgate and Liverpool Road.  It’s opposite the Hilton tower, near the Museum of Science and Industry, under the sky, adjacent to the lamp post, parallel to the pavement, etc.

Centrepoint Collective are a group of photographers from Mexico, Spain, France and the UK.  There work is distinct and impressive.  A great exhibition worth checking out.  I’m too tired to go into details, and perhaps too well-oiled by the free wine (and fishy little canapés).  So for now there’ll be no talk about the great narrative of Angel by Pablo Allison, or spectacular portraiture series of The Promised Land by Santiago Carrion, or even about the odd viewpoints of Susana Sanroman’s In Transitum.  Instead I have scanned the free postcards I picked up, display them here, and encourage you to get down to the Instituto Cervantes to see some great photography.

image (c) Pablo Allison, Angel, 2007-2009
image (c) Susana Sanroman, In Transitum, 2010-2011
image (c) Virginie Herbert, The Art of Play, 2009
image (c) Santiago Carrion, The Promised Land, 2009
image (c) Roxana Allison, Becoming a Memory, 2010-2011

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