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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

220: for the fashion-conscious geek (with too much time)

Gunship Grey 80s Collar-Neck All In One Jumpsuit
Item no: ecto1
Was $44.95 Now Only $24.95

This iconic 80s jumpsuit empowers you to catch and contain the spirits of geek chic and the era of boom or bust.  

Use to create that “let’s show this prehistoric bitch how we do things downtown” look by combining with an untested nuclear accelerator, or dress down with rounded spectacles when showing off your collection of spores, moulds and funguses.  

With “No Ghost” logo patch on shoulder and personalised name plate on breast.  

Accessorise with a thin film of pink ectoplasmic residual mood slime (sold separately) and you’ll be more popular than He-Man.  For the active parapsychologist.

Formal Black Woven Black Evening Wear Black Cape
Item no: 1897/1931
Was 100,000 lei Now Only 40,000 lei

A classic yet contemporary cape that screams terrorific charm.  

This Transylvanian inspired cape billows dramatically in the wind and assists winged flight when the wearer is in bat form.  

The perfect way to make your teeth marks on this season’s styles.  

Strong enough to keep you clothed your entire death-time, yet sleek and seductive to magnify your mystery and your mesmerising predatory allure.  

Better than the shroud you were buried in, you can Count on it.

Painkiller Black Leather Skinny Biker Metal Spikes and Chains Jacket
Item no: 1967
Better by you, Better than me

Perfect for looking tight and leathery, whether living after midnight or rocking ‘til the dawn.  

This is that all important genre-defining waistcoat for dressing up or down to suit the Metal God tearing up the stage or maniacal fan rampaging through the mosh pit.  

The ideal piece to work the current trends, or shine with retro spikes and chains.  

Unite with leather cap, some skinny jeans, a pair of brassy biker boots, a big buckled belt, handcuffs and a bullwhip, to tie up this bold new look.

Hyborian Faux-Fur Trim Leather Flappy Horny ‘Helmet’ Hat (One Size)
Item no: 10000bc
Was 2 goats, Now Only 1 goat

Vintage look battle-style head gear bellows ‘barbarian’ at the top of its lungs.  

This daring yet protective hat stylishly prevents skull-splitting during rapes and plunders, and still manages to say ‘I am woman, hear me roar’.   

Wear as a sunny summer nightcap or winter warmer and soon everyone will want to join you in drinking the blood of your fallen foes.  

Accessorise with sexy scar tissue and cute gore-soaked tattered rags.

(Warning: Not Reversable)

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