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Sunday, March 25, 2012

554: Floating

A cubical magnet levitating over asuperconducting material
(this is known as the 
Meissner effect) 
My alarm went off at 06:45 in the AM. I pressed snooze. I was worried about floating too far towards the ceiling that I wouldn't be able to reach the alarm once snooze time had expired. To rectify the situation I tied a piece of string around my big toe. The other end was attached to an automated winch set to start reeling me in when the alarm next went off. I did float as predicted and luckily the winch worked a treat, so I was within arms reach of my mobile phone to stop the annoying jingle at 06:50 in the AM. I may have been dreaming.

I wasn't dreaming. I really was floating. Apparently these things can happen some times. It's rare, but it does happen. Something to do with a person sleeping funny and filling up with methane gas. I think it's what killed the dinosaurs, and I expect it had something to do with the disappearance of Atlantis and the people of Easter Island. There's no such thing as coincidence where such matters are concerned. I don't snore, but I do float. And so do the aliens from Roswell. It's all happening.

Some people have dreams about freedom and equality. I have dreams about toe string and floaty snoozing. Time well spent.

The levitation of Daniel Dunglas Home atWard Cheney's house interpreted in a
lithograph from Louis Figuier, 
Les Mystères de la science 1887 

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