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Monday, March 05, 2012

536: A bit about something, then it sort of trails off ...

There are Flash Fiction competitions all over the place it seems right now. Apparently, according to some self-appointed internet people, there will be National Flash Fiction Day on 16th May 2012. Here is a list of Flash Fiction competitions. You can enter if you like but I wouldn't bother if I were you. Anyway I'm off right now to watch Dirk Gently on BBC Four. It'd better be good; I have extremely high expectations.

"Why would the Pentagon have him under surveillance?"
"They are the default setting of all conspiracy theorists."

So far, I approve, but we're only three minutes in. I'd better start watching it instead of typing this. Last point before I start watching properly: Why did the continuity announcer keep calling it a drama? It is clearly supposed to be a comedy. BRB. Ok, I'm back, and if anyone's interested my verdict is that it was excellent. It was good; I liked it. That's how I review things now. No hyperbole, just good or bad. Very powerful words if used properly. I imagine.

I was thoroughly prepared for a massive let down because my expectations for a filmed version of Dirk Gently were exceptionally high. Odd really since it's not a beloved story from my childhood. I only read the two Gently books a couple of months ago, and didn't read the other Douglas Adams classic -the Hitchhikers' Guide books- until I was well into my twenties. It's just occurred to me that there was a pilot broadcast a couple of years ago and I never watched it at the time. Hello, UK Nova? Nothing. Maybe tomorrow.

This is one of those blog posts that really I'm just trying to sweep under the carpet. My heart isn't really in it, and neither should yours be. Can't decide whether to watch Deadwood, listen to AIOTM, or read my book. Either way it's time to click 'post'.

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