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Sunday, March 04, 2012

535: Sunday

It's Sunday. Yesterday was Satunday, before that was Funday, Thunday, Wunday, Tunday and Munday. Tomorrow is Munday, and after that comes Tunday, Wunday, Thunday, Funday and Satunday. It's like a cycle; it just goes around and around. It cycles. Today is Sunday and I am sleeping one off. One whisky, and a few more. And some beer and wine. This passed morning was a cycle of waking up with a headache, drinking some water, eventually being relieved of the headache and drifting off to sleep again, before waking up half an hour later with another headache. But it's Sunday so I imagine I'm not alone. Hands up if you are struggling with being hungover.

I wonder what the German word for a hangover is; I bet it's a good one. BRB. Google translate gives me the pretty boring word Katen, but two much more satisfactory synonyms. Katzenjammer literally meaning Cats pity (yeah, I don't get it... I suppose it's from the pitiful whinging that a Katen suffering lady or gentleman might indulge in), and my favourite, Überbleibsel, meaning remnant, leftover or carcass. Überbleibsel is a good word; I like it. Probably can't pronounce it properly, but I like it nonetheless.

Guess what? I don't know, what! I'm going to open the curtains; I know, crazy right!? Oh my god, man, don't do it unless you're sure you are ready. I'm ready man, I've had a cup of tea, and I'm about ready for another one. I know what I'm doing. Tea and natural light are the doctor's orders. Yes, I'm going for it. BRB. I've got a fresh cup of tea and natural light streaming onto my face; streaming onto my steaming mug of tea; streaming onto my mug. I'll just wait a moment while you pop off and get yourself whatever you need to get through this hangover day; Diet Coke, full-fat coke, coffee, bacon butty, whatever....

While you were gone I borrowed your phone and made some international calls, raided your fridge and tried on some of your clothes. I didn't think you would mind. Hmm, that bacon butty looks nice, you don't mind if I just... nyom nyum num num, burrrp. Thanks. Make me another cuppa. Cheers.

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