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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

544: Unexpected instructions

On arriving at work today I was presented with this ˄˄˄ piece of paper, accompanied with the verbal instructions to google this, I'm saying no more. But just don't watch with children in the room. At this point, as I write, I have not yet searched for AZIS – "MRAZISH", the mysterious as-yet unknown words. I'm expecting a music video, and doubtless it will be something odd, unusual or amusing. OK, here goes: YouTube loaded, Azis Mrazish searched, top result clicked on, and...

...and, I wasn't expecting that. A dull plodding pop song with an Eastern European folk-like melody sung by a mysteriously muscular effeminate man with a little beard that reminds me strongly of Richard Branson. Azis looks like a transsexual body-builder advertising a new product or service from Virgin. It's an unusual sexuality designed to make sensitive people, with too much time on their hands, feel uncomfortable, similar to Pete Burns or Kevin Rowland. Part of the ever changing landscape of humanity with all of its similarities, differences and idiosyncrasies. Also I don't think it's at all unsuitable for children; they would either not pay any attention, or ask a couple of curious questions then get on with their lives.

I think I've said just about everything I can think of with regards to that. If you are sufficiently piqued to want to watch, here, enjoy:

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