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Friday, July 29, 2011

356: Short/Here's a cow

Right, ok, and let's begin. Tonight was a good night, and being the drunken exhaust that I am this will not be the best blog evar(!), it will circle the drain like a pigeon plop blasted off the pavement by the council. However, proscribed poor blog aside, tonight was full of quality people whom I will thank via the medium of links ; here goes to the good people of this evening: Mark, Liz, Andy, Val, and Paula. And that was that was the night and there was the beer ; and tonight I have given my card with this blog emblazoned boldly upon it, and hoo-lah-lah, hip-hip-hizzle, this here shizzle is the first crap these people will read.. I refer you backwards or forwards to better days.

Erm, and that's that : a new precedent of shortness. But I'm five foot five ish, so I'm used to that. Here's a picture of a cow:

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