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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

343: Caution: Fod.

In the tunnel wot attaches itself to the side of the plane – the boarding tube – the walkway – the gangplank – I observed a small warning poster which read "Do not leave fod". I thought this an 'ilarious misprint, but reading on, it continued, "Fod should be deposited in the fod bin provided". As if to highlight the intentional use of this unusual word it had a low-resolution colour photograph of a bin with the word fod printed on it. I was hoping I would be able to get some mileage out of this unknown and mysterious, pointlessly cryptic word ; it is on an information sign yet is a word so obscure as to contain no useful information for the casual glancer. However an "I'm feeling lucky" search takes us straight to the wikipedia page: Foreign Object Debris/Damage.

Given that the two other options are the Green Day song, and the Friends of Dorothy, I'd say the foreign object thing is the most likely. Wikipedia helpfully illustrates the danger of foreign objects with this lovely picture of an owl sitting on a wire. Then there is a load of boring old rubbish about planes and such stuff. Some people like that sort of stuff, but I'm not one of them. I only like exciting stuff, like books, cooking and drawing. Not boring stuff like planes. What's so great about them ; all they do is fly through the sky taking us to distant destinations in a matter of hours, that 100 years ago would have taken months and meant almost certain death. Well boring.

What is absolutely and completely – certainly – in no way boring to discuss, is that ubiquitous ever-changing always the same phenomenon: the weather. Let's talk about the weather. I don't know what it's like back home but I'm willing to bet it's occassionally a wee bit sunny, lots of rain, occassional blue sky, lots of cloud and overcast. Here it is baking hot, but page-turningly windy. It's the middle of the night now and the thermometer in the living room registers 30 degrees and I am melting under the weight of my knee-rested laptop. Poor me, poor poor me... pour me another icecold glass of sangria.

Time to get back to meh reading ; got way too many books to get through this week. I'm gonna be all literati an that bye da enda da weak n dat. Gud nite to u, be u amercin or englander, yourapeon ur otha foriner; gud nite to u all. Remember to put sun cream on in the morning and try not to fall asleep in direct sunlight ; some one may write a rude word on your chest or forehead with factor 60 sun cream. Drink plenty of water. That is all.

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