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Thursday, July 28, 2011

355: too many tabs not enough anything else

first image in google search for
"drawing shoe horse face wink train mask pot plant"

Groan and goodmorning ; let's do this in no more than twenty minutes. Is there a website with some futuristic online stop-watch facility ; you know I just bet there is. I'm gonna find me one, set it to twenty minutes, and then type away until it beeps, peeps, or ring-tones. Ok... GO! It's tewnty minutes ticking down I'm like a clock when I tick and I tock, yeah, Dre, are you? http://www.online-stopwatch.com/ is helping and hindering this endevour and Run by Surreal Knowledge is rampaging like a stampede of elephants ; elements of unarticulated ideas are arranging into unpredicted strange and unconvincing sentences. I doubt this whole timing thing is going to lead to a consise, beautifully constructed article about something you are interested in.

My flatmate has popped to the toilet (interesting, eh?) and I am trying to hammer out as many words as possible in as few plopps and pssss's as is do-able. If it takes him twenty minutes then that is perfect. His normal voice (coffee, fasting and inexplicable sleeping patterns) is louder than my drunk voice ; I hope my sleeping fiancee appreciates our important discussions on comtemporary Pakistani art, Juxtapoz magazine, the confusion between cultural, political and personal aspects of Islam, and various other bollocks. The more we shout the more we know what we are talking about. I have had a few whiskeys and am an insufferable know-it-all at the best of times ; and he manages that without a drop of the good stuff. He lives of that hot black Columbian or Ethiopian water.

princess leia 
That is a good nine minutes gone. Two paragraphs is probably about 250 words.... in nine minutes. Is that good or bath I mean bad ; you do the math I mean mad I mean maths. Tonight tonite I have been doing an innernet searching for the arts wot I likes and foun all the stuffs dat's good. Because I know that I'm unlikely to be able to write properly I'm just yammering instead, and saving the liddle art profiles for when I am in a serious and organised mood. Tomorrow? Dunno, but BLANKSPACE is hosting an exciting exhibition by a talented experimental photographer called Andy Broadey.

I've got too many tabs open. I don't want to close them. Hanging on to open tabs for prosperity. When I close them they are destroyed ; obliterated. Gone and gone. It's a shame really. I wish the internet could hang on to them when I am not looking.. Take this page for example: You're looking at it now, but as soon as you stop, plap!, it's gone. Innit a shame; shame on a ... who tries to run game on a ... Indeed. Enough already.

Anyone want to go play knock-a-door-run, or British bulldog? Tag, you're it. Just over two minutes remaining. Red wire, green wire, blue wire ; red lorry, yellow lorry. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Mine mine Mine mine. Time time time ; time gentlemen, please. Yes, this is definately one to preserve for the future generations. Isn't it great that I have written all this down so my grandchildren can read it when I'm dead. Will it beep, or will it splutter? Oh it rang ang clanked and stopped in a single beat. Byeybye.

second image in a google search for
"hubble drain spam beans bubble lane monkey drum song"

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