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Saturday, July 23, 2011

352: Surreal Knowledge at the O2 - c'mon!!!

They are Surreal Knowledge ; and I make no pretence to impartiality or journalistic integrity (I couldn't if I tried). They are my friends and I'm biased. However, I know good music when I hear it, and if Surreal Knowledge wasn't good (or better) I'd just quietly pretend nothing was going on and get back to blogging about scraps of paper I found on the bus and goofy people I've seen in shops. The fact is Surreal Knowledge are a world class hip-hop band, combining original (and in the case of Looking for Answers occassionally beautiful) lyrics, diverse combinations of music influence, live instrumentation, an exciting performance, and bloody good tunes. To top it all of they have a high level of production far exceeding what could be expected of an unsigned band.

Usually the words "do you want to listen to my mates' band?" would rightly be met with horror ; OMG, how will I tell this poor idiot that his mate's band are a shit rip-off of Nirvana? Well, believe me this is not a problem with Surreal Knowledge – this is a band to be proud of loving. Oh and before you say anything, the reason they are not a shit Nirvana rip-off is not because they are in actual fact a shit N.W.A., Beastie Boys or Jurrassic 5 rip-off. No, if they were I'm sure I would have noticed by now.

Surreal Knowledge have been recording amazing music, and trooping around playing empty clubs and crappy support slots for 10 years now. They have paid their dues, refined their art, and developed their sound and working methods. They have gone through line-up changes and internal squabbles, and even the occassional break-up ; but all this drama has only made them stronger. Hopefully tonight will mark a significant turning point towards deserved and well-earned success. After many gruelling auditions and knock-out rounds Surreal Knowledge have finally made it to tonight's Live and Unsigned grand final at London's O2 Arena. The prizes are mega: tours, a record deal, investment: mega!

Surreal Knowledge are proper sophisticated music for grown-ups (like Beethoven or some shit, innit); grown-ups who love hip-hop, silliness, and having a good time. Anyone in the house like having fun? No way, you like having fun? Me too! If you like fun then vote for Surreal Knowledge by texting UNSIGNED60 to 84222. Do it now ; quickly ; schnell, schnell. A vote against Surreal Knowledge is a vote against fun, life, happiness, music, and all that is right and decent in the world. And don't think about not voting either ; that counts as a vote against and will be noted in the great ledger in the sky. You have been warned.

My word on the quality of Surreal Knowledge should be enough for you. If it isn't here are some musics for your ears to do a hearing on. And some links for the clicking of.

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