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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

334: Coffee morning

Ohhhkay, it's stupid o'clock in the morning – perhaps the earliest I will ever blog, certainly the earliest so far – the mythical morn-time of six twenty A-to the-M. I'm doing overtime yet am still so skint that I will have to walk to work instead of catching the bus like a normal person (joining the ranks of sleepy workers with their faces pressed against the windows, gently snoring to themselves).

The only bread we have is that toastie stuff which makes awful sandwiches and I can't remember if the staff canteen has a sandwich toaster. Being awake and able to move around this early is entirely thanks my housemate's arsenal of strong coffees, and my silly late-night/early-morning indulgence on the stuff; which is closer to hard drugs than soft drink. Who knew people were up this morning; I've already seen two people in matching blue t-shirts drive away from outside the flat.

Now Ive mentioned the early hour, the walk to work and the coffee I seem to have run out of steam ; what else is there to talk about? I can't think of a thing to say about the two blue t-shirt people. Presumably they know what's going on, where they are going, what they are doing, and why they must match one another in two blue t-shirts. As far as I can tell they would be better off not matching, and staying in bed to a more reasonable hour. Perhaps if it was middle of winter with all the wintery accoutrements (pretentious wrong word alert) they would have done the proper honest decent thing and snooze-buttoned it all the way to late for work. I would.

Just time to read the facebook comments on a wrestling video I linked to – just the important stuff. Forget about all that shaving and showering (and other s-word) morning ish ; I'm just going to stumble through town and into work in boxers and a t-shirt ; yeah this is the new uniform bitches, y'all better step back and recognise. It's breakfast time, innit!

But enough about me; would you like coffee, tea, a biscuit? Well give me a couple of weeks and I can probably work out something you'll be satisfied ; a teabag stapled to a postcard with your name and address on it ; that sort of thing. That should keep you quiet for some time. Give me a chance to think, despite the fact the alarm downstairs is still doing some pointless beeping. It's not too loud to be an actual alarm, but it's just loud enough to be annoying; jeggy on the ears. Why I oughta. Right that's enough; best stop messing and get ready for work. We've had our fun, now let's get serious.


กาแฟสด Aorabika Coffee said...

Sawasdee ka *-*
I come to visit you blog naka

Kevin Bradshaw said...

Sawasdwee ka to you to,
Thank you, Mr. or Mrs. Coffee Person.