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Saturday, June 18, 2011

322: I Blog Every Day dot co dot uk

Right. I want to move my blog to a better domain. kevin-bradshaw.blogspot.com is both a mouthful and a boring name of interest only to myself, my mum and dad, and possibly this guy, this guy, these guys, and this guy. I've grabbed the domain name iblogeveryday.co.uk cos it's nice and cheap and surprisingly available; set it up to forward here with a frame so it looks like a real domain, not just a forwarding site. I've even got a little favicon.ico set up using the B for 'blog' out of the banner designed by Michael Thorp. The only problem with having the forwarding framed is that even if you click a link out of my blog, the address bar will still read http://iblogeveryday.co.uk; this could be annoying and may need changing.

I looked into changing the Blogger domain from kevin-bradshaw to iblogeveryday, but some liar has already taken that. He/she/it/they only posted 10 times in total over the months on April and May way back in 2007 before my blog was even an itch in my finger tips. I don't get it; please go to iblogeveryday.blogspot.com and see if you can make sense of it : Russian Social and Cultural Developments/Innovation ; yo this is the headiest tic tac situation with mad dank threads : Birds usually symbolise freedom, but ravens symbolise knowledge and watchfulness ; skket skat for that heady A+ : What about the proverbial midnight snack?
Buyan by Ivan Bilibin
I might one day in a galaxy far far away have to go the whole WordPress.org hog, hosting my own blog and shaping it into a unique user experience >coughtwat< : Then at least I can redirect kevin-bradshaw.blogspot.com and iblogeveryday.co.uk to some other third place where i can haz my blog. I hate the internet. You do it for me ; I can pay you ten links and one name drop.

So, someone is squatting in my iblogeveryday.blogspot.com – squatter's rights and all that – but they have aparantly been dead for four years. What is the statute of limitation on dead blogger's rights? Can I force them out ; destroy history and build my micro-empire on the flattened remains of a failed civilisation. It turns out you can't. So if you happen upon this, author of iblogeveryday.blogspot.com, and feel in your heart that you have finished with the demain, please let me know and we can do a swap. I have some crayons, rubber gloves, 2nd class Christmas stamps, a jar of pulpo, and an unused roll of toilet paper, to use as leverage in our negotiations. An offer you can't refuse.

Rosta Windows agitprop by Vladimir Mayakovsky

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