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Monday, June 13, 2011

318: Recovered, Restored and Pancakes

Recovered document? Recovered document? RECOVERED DOCUMENT??????? WELL< WHERE IS IT THEN< COS THIS SURE ISN'T IT!!!!!!!!!!!>???????????
Michael Jackson Colourful Sadness, by Dan Lacey

I've spent the last 12 hours rebuilding my computer from scratch with a reformat and a whole load of reinstalling. I was in good humour about it until a few minutes ago. I had written up this entire blog post on OpenOffice (which I am using for the first time), then the fucking computer crashed, and upon reboot OpenOffice graciously offered to recover my lost document. Although it claimed to have done so successfully what it actually presented to my was a blank page. I could have got that myself without you 'recovering' it. If I lost five-hundred pounds cash, and you turned up with some blank pieces of paper, you wouldn't get the reward.

So I had composed a few paragraphs of prose about the tearing down and rebuilding of society and technology. It was witty and amusing and made me feel that all of today wasn't lost to the hideous time trumpet of computing. Then it was whisked from under me without ceremony or nothin'. Now I is sad and tired. Stoopid everything. I could kill a fox and eat its feet, or hobble a T-Rex and burn its nose; that is how annoyed I am, don't try and stop me. I could blast back in time and prevent my parents from getting a cat, or my grandparents from stepping out to the tea dance.

Fortunately this story ends well. I just typed in 'restored' to google images hoping to find something to illustrate that bit at the start of this post (never mind that it should have been 'recovered') and found this:

It's a painting called Obama: The Roaring Sea, which has been restored by the artist Dan Lacey. Now, I've never heard of Dan Lacey, and neither have you (probably), but his website proclaimes him to be The Painter of Pancakes. Never has the question what's not to love been more apt. He paints eerily serious portraits of people, in what looks like oil, in fairly standard poses; but what's this? They all have pancakes on their heads (except Obama; no pancakes here, just a six-pack).

Click here for the best art collection you will ever see: 11 Paintings of Cats with Pancakes on their Heads (and one guest). Let's have a look at some of my favourites, but you really should toddle over to the link to see the guest; it's well worth the click and the scroll.

Then look at his website for more pancakes on heads including that of the grotesque smirking Sarah Palin. I am so glad I discovered Dan Lacey's paintings; it almost makes the stressful boring repetitive day I have just had, worth all the scratching and screen-staring. Word count? OK, finished.

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