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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

325: Stuff and Nonsense

It's stupendously hot in here; the window glass has pooled on the ledge and sypupy-gloops down the wall – magma on the carpet ; the heavens poised to errupt electricity blasts from fallen sky to scorched earth. Bedroom walls clamp me with clammy weight and paint blisters as paper coils curls and reduces to smoke. Laptop emits hot breathe and hideous whirring of futile little fan. My glass of water is hot to the touch – a confused fly attempts to land on the edge of the glass – earlier I took a sip, burning my face, leaving torn chunks of semi-cooked flesh clinging to the firey glass rim. The fly attempts to eat meat matter, but once it lands it can never leave help me, help me, I'm melting I'm melting oh what a world, what a world...

Try to step away from the baking burning fire and it bites your heels 'til steps become stumbles and then crawls . You drip drip a droptrail of cooked meatjuice and the fire-dwelling salamanders and two-headed dogs of Hades sniff their way ever closer. There are memories of ice cubes that evaporate as grey matter pressure cooks in the skull and bubbles through the holes it forces. See, the thing is it's hot – and painfully stretched poorly-composed metaphors are the result of my excuse. A tedious lesson is ignored – when it is time to blog it's best not to start writing until I've had an idea and thought a little about it first. I'm writing, it's hot, how many words have I done now is not enough of a thought process.

Then night turns to day as it is want to do , and night, she takes her heat with the moon ; and the sun brings light and that. It's pathetic really isn't it : inane warblings about night and the moon in a pseudo-poetic tone ; it clearly doesn't mean anything, I'm not reading it and you're not writing it and together we can have a big ignoring party.

Speaking of people things stuff that needs ignoring ; there are riots in Belfast – stupid, vicious sects are attacking each other and shooting. I will write about this on a day when I can string a sentence together – it is not something to be glib, or incoherent about – but I will say this to the so-called loyalists and so-called republicans, protestants/catholics (devide it how you will) who are attacking each other, teaching their children to hate, perpetuating a percieved difference – you are all scum. Belfast could be a decent place, and would be if you shut the fuck up, stayed indoors and and maybe took a long dip face-down in the bath. Masked loyalists, republican paramilitary – you are pathetic; shitty little children playing the big man ; race-hate against your neighbour and violence against children, no more no less – your cause is not noble, your means are not justified, you are hooligans – ignorant pieces of shit, the human race does not need you or want you. Go fuck yourselves. People bring up your children as catholic or protestant – this is your fault.

See why I'm better of leaving discussing the subject to another time and day? However I fear that any attempt to talk about it will quickly decend into such vitriol. The news keeps remind us that only a minority of people were involved – perhaps 700 at the largest count. But just because the number on the streets, clad in balaclavers and armed with bricks, was 700 doesn't mean that a minority is to blame. Every parent who ever taught their child about the "difference" between catholic and protestant is to blame; every parent who forced their religion or sectarian mistrust on their child is to blame – no matter how moderate they are they continue to perpetuate, to excuse an environment where riots are the norm. Until children are spared the abuse that is religious indoctrination the mindless violence will continue to happen.

End of lecture : blog post finishes how it started, ooh dear me its hot, trivial shit, badly written, blah blah blah oh what a world we live in...

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