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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

102: clicking, fluey, fibre optic and wasting money

Sleeping on the sofa; folded, concertinaed one bone at a time.  The beautiful percussive melody of bones cracking, throats clearing, lungs hurling, and overzealous yawning.  Now that is two sentences I hoped would be a good deal longer.  I’ll just close my eyes for a moment, I thought three and a half hours ago.  I woke up momentarily about an hour ago; just long enough to feel victimised by the sounds from the TV, and to hit the off switch in that miniature way only a finger can hit.  If I lie face down on the ground will someone please walk on my back?  And twist my neck.  There is an unhealthy build-up of clicking.  I feel fluey is today’s excuse for tedious introspection.  I waited all day for the fibre optic broadband engineer only to find out they had rescheduled it to tomorrow and deemed it sufficient to inform me by text message sent to my landline is today’s excuse for griping and for feeling hard done by.  Oh what a world we live in, still think I’m doing fine, wouldn’t it be a lovely headline, life is beautiful on a New York Times, and in other news I have been sneakily including song lyrics into recent blog posts.  Is it a surreptitious attempt to imbue my writing with the fruits of another’s musical efforts, and to burn up word count at the same time?  Of course it is, and so is the overly self-conscious referencing to my own writing process which I am currently indulging in.

Just discovered another offensive misuse of NHS funds, again by Tayside, again hiring yuck homeopaths (vomit, spit, vomit again).  See the job advertised here, see those people already sending in the sarcastic applications here (Science Digestive).  There will surely be other offended doctors/scientists voicing their derision, as well as jumped up little sceptics like yours truly here.  Regular readers will remember I joined the ranks the last time Tayside wasted public money in this manner (here), but unfortunately was unsuccessful in my application.  If I am to be successful this time around I will have to more carefully consider my application, ensuring I express fully my understanding and experience of homeopathy (or lack of experience which, with regards to homeopathy, is essentially the same thing) instead of coming across like a time wasting prick.  Obviously though, if they continue in their manic desire to fritter away the ever decreasing public purse in this disdainful manner they deserve, indeed require, a dose of time wasting.  More so, they deserve - as parents sometimes say, as the instant solution to end any acts of stupidity - their heads banging together.

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